My internal GPS

My brother nicknamed me “Emotional Sue” (Susan being my middle name) because I’m a big “feeler”. The nickname comes with a bit of an eye roll, but I can’t deny that the shoe fits…really well! Without a doubt I approach the world feelings first.

I am in charge of how I feelMy feelings are my internal GPS. They show me my route and steer me towards what I want. At the same time they signal, sometimes quite vociferously, when I have made a wrong turn and have gotten off track.  My feelings let me know where I am in my life, and I have discovered that they are not something to ignore if I want to live a life of authenticity, connection and courage.

To acknowledge both the good feelings and the difficult feelings is an on going practice for me. I have to remind myself that each feeling has something to tell me and each is valuable in its own way.  I have to also remind myself that I can choose, in any given moment, how I want to feel.

Acknowledging my feelings is validating, accepting them is liberating, and dialoguing with them is illuminating. Choosing, each day, how I want to feel? That is empowering.